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Moubarek Taking Charge

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n pojtr and hat txprttttd continuing tupport for tht peace rr^cct with OriI, Tht apparent tmoothnttt of tht tucotttZn

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Ihgroup, Abu Ghazala haa

indicated that the group had no linka to foreignandjjejrejn^ble to identify any foreign ties

The Takfir group apparently hi fouiV.el eome yeara ago by Muslim Brotherhood members dissatisfied with that

the Broh.rhood,

Taxiir callseturn to traditional Islamic valuesappeal, to Egyptians frustrated by Egypt's economic and social prob:emsresentful of the^truslon Tt influence. Inseveral hundred Takfir


?ZT'J1Y* "rested and its Uaders executed following the kidnaping and aaeaaslnationormer Egyptian Minister of Rellgioue Trusts. nfl

The group may stilllandestine networkdespite arrests of auspected members

security torcna ana the miiitary remainnere have been no raporta, however, of additional dia-turbancas in Cairo and Alexandria.

Moubarek is likely tourge aoon of the military to remove fundamentalist elements. He probably will publicly highlight the loyalty of the armed forcee. however, to avoid damaging morale. SfM

I October1M. ,


or Release FEB him *

Libyan Activiti

Libyan leader Qadhafi. peech on Tuesday, warned Egypt's new leaders that "death will also be their end" If thay pursue Sadat's policy of negotiating with Israel. Although ha pledged not to intervene ln Egypt, his reiteration of support for revolutionary forces there and for Egyptian dissidents abroad will heighten anxieties of Egyptianand Sudanese leaders about his actual intentions. tkmW

There are no signs of Libyan preparations that would suggest an itgnine-nt military nova against elthe Egypt or -

Qadhafi presumably is preoccupied with his personal security and the defense of hie borders against Egyptian forces. He ray calculate that any overt aove against Cairo now would stretch Libya's defensee too thin in the face of what he believes will be redoubledEgyptian, Israeli, and US collualon to oust Mb. ssssa.

Arab Reactions

Syria and the PLO probably willwait and aee* attitude toward Moubarek to gauge whether he will respond to Arab entreaties or preesures to draw Egypt

back into tho Arab Sadat's death with

The Syrian press has greeted satisfaction but has avoided attack-

King Hussein probably will attribute Sadat's usas sination to his ties with Israel and the US and see itarning to other pro-Western Arab regimes against becoming too closely identified with the US. Some Jot danian officials believe that Hussein, as the mostArab leader, will nowreater role in regional affairs.

Oman, Bahrain, and Morocco have condemned the assassination. The other moderate Arabs states, includ ing Saudi Arabia, have reported the attack without com* mentary.

European Reactions and Comments

Genscher was scneauiea to arnv night for consultations with Koubarek.


lose sination as

Most cf ihc Warsawlabeled theogical resuT^oT pro-us and pro-Israeli policies which alienated the Egyptian people* rhe Czechoslovak press was particularly harsh ailing Sadat's "betr

friend of Romania and denounced murderous criminal act."


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