Created: 10/27/1981

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POLAND: Tough Government Stance

Tha Jaruaalaki regies yesterday undo.x'uot>eu ita intention toough eumca toward certain Solidarity activities. fssss*


Th* prosecutor general'office) in Hareaw announced that lt ii bringing legal chargesandful of Solidarity activists for anti-Soviet and antlstate The stove is consistent with regime actions taken last week and should leave little doubt within the union that the government is not willing to tolerate such activity. This will complicate the already strained government-union relations. 4bbbbb>

Th* regime Is alsotrong propagandaagainst Solidarity's decision tone-hour strike tomorrow. The government clearly hopes to erode support for thm strike. The regime also wants to depict Solidarity se irresponsible for having gone ahead with its action in the face of Poland's severe economic The government hopes to contrast Solidarity's move with its own dramatic efforts to help the economy bymilitary groups throughout the country. The regime's propaganda campaign will go unheeded by many, who still look on the government and its actions with great diBtruet

The government, meanwhile, has continued deployment of the special military groups. It apparently plans Initially to deployroups toowns and is making great effort to depict their duties as primarily economic. ocal Polish official told tsammmthe groups vrruld be "responsive" to provincial governors, tasssa.

Solidarity officialsraed wsaBsBBBBBBBWsawaaasBBsl ejBBa^yesterday that the union willait-and-see attitude toward the government's deployment of these special military groups. One of the union leadersthat Solidarity will be able to cooperate with the military groups in identifying bottlenecks and by monitoring stovement of food end fuel supplies. Another leader believes theeant action trill only Increase the discontent within the Army resulting from that recent two-month extension of service for conscripts.

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