Created: 12/24/1981

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POLAND) Regime Breaks Strike

The regime hasajo* strifes fie Katcwice Steel hill ana is moving to try to root out Solidarity support in the government and press. Employees in at least one governmentoho refuse to disavow support for Solidarity in writingare being fired. The government has admitted that resistance hasoll on the already crippled economy.]

Warsaw radio claimed that the authorities restored andithout any injuries and that most ofprovocateurs and organizers" of the strike were appre-ffsffffaTeeaBBBBaammV

Host strike activity is concentrated at several_ Silesian coal mines and on the Baltic Coast, but one bbbbbbbbbVsource claims there axe minor strikes in aof small enterprises in other parts of the country.

Warsaw radio said that strikes, absenteeism,among recalcitrant workers were causing fuelfoodehortagea. Acknowledging worker resentmentlaw, the radio conceded that "people oncetalk now work in alienee."

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The regime is taking steps to attempt to ensureof government offlctals and journalistslaw restrictions are eased. Journalistsundergoing intensive scrutiny, and-unsafe" are being

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Government leaders areampaign to convince the population that tha situation Is returning to normal and that it will continue the reform process. Premier Jaruzelski met yesterday with more than SO of -the country's leading academicians in an apparent effort

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to calm fears and.'win support of the Radiobroadcasts haveced that all schools except universities will: reopenanuary. smmnV

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i .deputy.Premier Mai inov.sk i told emmmmmnBBBaBnamnmmnfe ..

yesterday-that'the government would-continue toagriculture and had submitted draft laws to'legislature "guaranteeing profits,-and improved, social benefits for private'* _ > ' I

alKaVbetween the 'government and the. Church,'meah-f!re "producing few results. eBBBBBBaBBBBmammanaammmnanl

Church hasovern-

ment offer to Join .in.'a National Council of.ntil Solidarity's rights are fully restored."

special emissary had not made any headway in discussions* with, the'government.'- Jaruzelski refused toletter sent by^the^Pope 'earlier thisecause of" lts> criticism, ofnd heangry^that'the,Pope released copies' of the-letteri'tp otherries. Church-officials .soon may seekpermissionelief effort ;tolds medicine-'and .other, necessities for. those who. have>,j. been interned.1.

..Soviet" commentator In today's Fravda oddsnew allegation to earlier charges ofinterference" by accusing one1 of theonsulates in Poland of helping to beam broadcasts into Poland. The commentatorhowever, that life is returning to normal and that the Poles will put their bouse in order.

ASS article on Tuesday criticizedecretary Eagleburger.'s.alleged attempt tc "force" NATO Allies, into imposing sanctions against Poland and the hile'encouraged by the" "almost negative"that Bagleburger encountered from theASS implied that this would not be the last-US attempt to play, the "Polish card"retext for Justifying the arms race buildup.

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