Created: 12/22/1981

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I has not yet been any reported meeting of the o; but the party is making an effort to raisehe media are publicizing meetingsarty organizations and the ways in which they are contributing to the work of "national salvation." Party

beginning the slowarty by purging the ranks. saeTeV

new st*"ikes were reported yesterday, but resistance continues in Silesia and the Baltic porta- Two minesatowice are still" being occupied by workers, and TASS

reports that strikers have barricaded themselveste el complex in Katowice and have threatened to blow up

for Release Dale AUG iggn



tha uio furnace.. Regime nervousness about further unrest led to an extension anuary of the furlough of^part of the work force of the UnlnShlpyerdGoanak.

.clelae that Strike activity and unreetare probably intended to convincetnat-lone in opposing

S^2ritiM *nd OU9htsenior general

hinted that martial law would be repealed in provinces a. pacification succeeded, and the government has easedduring the Christaa. holiday, feeee*.

Soviet Commentary

In an fa-nesties article rebutting Secretary ofssertion Sunday that theears responsibility


.for the crackdown in Poland, the chief of the US sector' f theet party's International Informationent claimed that the "official authorities" of the US had stirred up "chaos and anarchy" in Poland; Be vowed hat "in time, all will be.eiledhat the Soviets will expand their charges of US links, to Solidarity extremists.if Washingtoncontinues"to implicate Moscow in the decision .to. introduce martial

.Soviet media* coverage^ of the situation inside Poland continues to register general, satisfaction but-isetting the Soviet populace'knowhere WfV.atTomeo martialhe TASS.*'* stories of worker"violence' in'southern'Polahd may have'esigned.'to. make;the-Soviet public aware that the^ potentially explosive .situationrmlght,-et_some..point.

require" more direct action by Moscow..

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