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POLAND: Isolated Resistance Continues

The appeal yesterday by the Church for Poles to avoid violence, the extension of the furlough of shipyard workers, and severe winter weatherniouni^rtacrotvone of resistance to martial law this week in most regions of Poland. Resistancehowever, in the Baltic shipyards and in the of Silesia where further deaths probably will

While some priests yesterday read the episcopate's earlier letter which was sharply critical of martial law, others read only Archbishop Glemp's letter urging calm and the avoidance of bloodshed and.civilncreasing violence and fatalities may have convinced Church leaders toess critical stance toward martial law and to criticize Solidarity militants who continue to occupy some mines and factories. eaamV

The Church continues to actridge between the regime and Solidarity. Bishop Dabrowski, the chief mediator, was told on Friday that the regime wants Solidarity to remain exclusivelynion. The Bishop also learned that the military is very alarmed about the deaths of miners in Katowice and feare that the youth, in particular, might engage inwarfare.'ffflpJBJpj

the Biflhop apparently is trying to neipeeting between the governmentolidarity leaders, possibly including Walesa.

Curfew hours were reduced on Saturday in most regions without serious unrest. The regime believes that strike activity is declining) there is no evidence of increased strikes in responseall by solidarity activistsob boycott on Saturday. Trying tousiness-as-usual attitude, the regime has announced thatcommissions will meet tomorrow to discuss economic reform,

The Baltic ports and the mining rogions of Silesia continue to be the main centers of resistance, and the regime has extended the furlough of shipyard workers toecember in an attempt to cool their militancy. There is no reason to doubt the TASS report on Sunday that

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Solidarity militants had blown up-on* of the entrancesine in Silesia.' More violence in Silesia appearsVJ*V

Food Supplies and CEMA

' Warsaw continues to be concerned about the foodsituation as shortages'"reappeared in statethe weekend. Yesterday the Military Councilto increase sales of .agricultural goods,state and.implied that compulsory deliveries mighto be reintroduced. r> '

om'the "rest of'CEMA couldthe short run.olish diplomat in Moscow,a; a

' have promined tont-two weeks^ubstant

additionalof oil, and food. saffJ^smmmmmmV.Germany

Hungary have sent supplies of food, clothing, and medicine-worththat Bulgaria and Czechoslo-

- vakia are also planning to help.

Soviet Military Activities

Ln9. ..

to theegative attituae..towaraembers has arisen and many are being turned in to the'. authorities.Prevda yesterday asserted .that theeople have greeted'the introduction of.martial law withnd that life is returning to normal.thereby some Solidarity extremists. '

Continued Soviet criticism of US statementsoscow's interference in Poland included countercharges over the weekend that Washington is inciting trouble in Poland through American labor unions"and US diplomats.-The USSR also seems intent on blocking any coordinatedWestern economic sanctions against Poland and on raising European suspicions of US policies and intentions. ravde article yesterdaythat Western steps "hostil to Poland" will not bend that Western governments joining an economic blockade "might live to count their own losses."

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