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POLAND: Government Strikebreaking.

Gcvemment effort* U> break strike* and clear other public building* have earned com* injuries, hu' 'Jui- apparently hoearyc-^ale vialcn.-j. .fJjj>

-The regime claimsumber of strikes have beenncluding one at the large Warsaw Steel' Plant and that the Instigators have been detained-

say that some persons have

ured, have reports

workers heina as thev were led out of facto-

Military troops are being used in some of.and apparently are performing their duties military er.ded

a strike in Warsaw on Monday by sendingrmored cars"-with troops and riot police with fixed bayonets and tear gasactory. When the workers told the soldiers they would regroup'and strike again, the soldiers replied that renewed protests would also be brokan up. In Gdansk military troops removed some strikers from the shipyards althoughorkers reportedly reraain. feasW

. The most volatile situation still appears to be-at the Lenin Steel Plant near Krakow, where workerseadline to leave by late yesterday. gasaaBemm eseseaTMIB'eaiBJSJBfB^ reported An increased number oflances in the city and addedocal Solidarity leader expected the plant to be taken by the military.'


become increasingly active in support of strikers. They apparently were dissuaded fromit-in strike .'but are collecting information, acting as couriers,arrying food and medical supplies Into the factories. The official media admits that the student community had been "boiling over with emotion" but claims it isalming down. eemnmV

Dnlts fromf the IS Polish divisions, including the airborne division end the sea-landing division, eaeaa conducting martial law operatJ

ate AUG '


Poland has banned all Wootern air traffic over' its territory. Flights to Moscowing routedhe Baltic Sea and Leningrad. Polish authorities closed all airports to civil flights and banned overflights prior to the declaration of martial law, but Western flights across Poland subsequently had been permitted.

The announcement yesterday by the government that all food exports would be banned will do little toshortages, since such exports had alreadyharply over the past year. Warsaw's efforts to increase pressure on farmers to fulfill contractual agreements also will have little Immediate effect. Supplies of many foodinadequate before the imposition of martialeven tighter now as consumers increase panic buying. eawaV

Status of Soviet*""

There is no evidence that Soviet or other Warsaw Pact forces are preparing to intervene


Best European Reaction,-'


-The first official reactions from Warsaw Pactto the imposition of martial law in Poland are 1 pproving in tone, although Hungary is somewhat cautiousin its public commentary. emmemV

East Germany has promised "unlimited support to. Polish Communists and patriots" and haa stressed the mportance of Poland's role in the Warsaw Pact. The Bast Germans also have announced that the Commander of ;Toviet Forces In East Germany met on Sunday but provided no other details. Some East German and Czechoslovak units have canceled leaves or restricted personnel to their barracks, but there is no evidence that formal alerts' have been declared. emamV

The Czechoslovaks are stressing the necessity of . . strong action and the initial successes of martial law; they haveumber of dissidents to inhibit any demonstrations of support for the Polee. Thearian party daily praised the Polishs did the Romanian party daily, which added that only -the Polish people themselves canolution. esanaV

The official Hungarian commentary was more cautiously worded in expressing "sympathy" for the Poles. un-garlan official, moreover, has confidedsamamV that Budapest is worried that Jaruzelski's "gamble" could fail and end in civil war and Soviet intervention.

A Yugoslav Foreign Ministry spokesman yesterday stated that the "Polish people, working class, the party and other political forces" are the "only ones" who can find

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