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Soviets call for

it* etrangeet language intoeoaj ha* signaled deep conoern over developmentg in Poland and implied that the regime muet not baak avag from firm action. emsanV

ASS commentary yesterday alluded todemands" that Poland withdraw from the Warsaw Pactlleged that threats have been mode against Soviet lines of communication acrossof Moscow's most sensitive concerns throughout the crisis, ffflp.

The commentary accused Solidarity of seeking to overthrow the executive and legislative branches of the Polish Government. It claimed that local Solidarity organizations are setting up "commando units" in Polish factories and that weapons have been stolen fromstorage areas. amemeV

TASS also claimed that there has been an increase in activity within the Polish Catholic Church aimed at discrediting the government. Soviet criticism of the church has been rare, and in this instance doubtless reflects unhappineas over Archbishop Glemp's role In securing postponement of antistrike legislation. SJBBSW

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commentary stopped short of calling explicitly for stronger action by the regime, and the message has yet to be repeated by more authoritative SovietNonetheless, the' commentary is an indication that the Soviets at least for now are more concerned over the possibility of Warsaw taking tootance than over the dangeronfrontation getting out of hand. ffhJJfc

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