Created: 12/10/1981

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POLAND: Government Defers"Emergency Legislation

rha govtvnmant 'a reported decision not to pressill giving it aeergfiiay power* shoald allowU*rholiday ttaaon.

Influential member of pari lament yesterday aw at the

session of parliament next week was "completely out f the question.". Solidarity leader Walesa yestsrdayasserted confidently thataw would not be con-sidered. hurch spokesman told amsamjsssmmmmmmjeBjBmma^ that Archbishop Glemp had playedrole inarty Chief Jaruzelski to defer the legislation, which, he claimed, Jaruzelski had wanted "very badly." bbbbwV

he church official also said that in hiso Walesa and Jaruzelski earlier this week, thesuggested areas of negotiation in which progress might be possible. Glemp's meeting with Walesa yesterday-his second in fivehave been used to discuss these ideas and to urge Walesa tooderate course, fffjav "

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^proved (or Releasa Data

The regime has not backed down entirely inearch for ways to control Solidarity. At the, mentary session, scheduled for IS andecember, the government mayong-delayed draft law on -'trade unions which reportedly proposes somen strikes and which authorizes parliament to ban strikes .for three months duringyear. Such provisions would be scrutinized and debated in parliament because -Solidarity leaders are known to be critical of some of these provisions.

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