Created: 12/9/1981

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Media Campaign

The regOse has mounted the most coordinated andcampaign aver againstwhioh willand prevent serious substantive negotiations until

the nsu year. -


Thegovernment-controlled Media ace using tape.'re- : vaolidarity meeting laat week toleaders aa "madmen- who place their "eick ambitions" the_fate of Poland. The tapes also detail alleged by local union chapters for physical; The amy'daily publication, going

usual hardline stance, has even called. Ma less aand.>

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Several purposes amy be behind theV""

campaign. It is probably trying to demonstrate to partynd government loyalists that it is not Impotent in the " face or union pressure, and it hopes to buoy flagging . orale and encourage greater opposition to the union

local disputes. The-government also appears to believe that Solidarity is losing some popularity and probably -hopes the campaign will further discredit the union. BsessV '

t -. *

. In addition, the regime may be covering up

unwillingness to make.'concessions in negotiations withthe union, tryingame Solidarity for the lack

progress. Some in the regime may also believe.thatcampaignplit between union moderatesnion militants or provide Justificationovernment request-for-certain emergency powers. amnmV

* Bow the regime intends to turn this mediaInto action will become clearer at next week'sf parliament. The session la slated-to dealumerous controversial issues vital to union interests.ew trade unionaw restrictingstrikes, and economic reform legislation. earnm*^

The regime's hardened media posture should give impetus to union radicals when the Solidarity National Commissionwo-day session on rriday. The

fWfor Release



union Is unlikely, huwever, to respond with speclfio. '. actions until the regime reveals its Intention* at. themeeting of parliament. SBBB>

The renewed tensions have prompted Archbishop Glemp to'assume the role of arbitrator more directly -thanany time since he became head of the Church lasthurch spokesman, revealed yesterday that Glemp aentletters on Monday, to Solidarity, the government,erabere of parliament calling^for renewed dialoguearning that any law banning strikes andreedoaui would have "tragiclemp'eput him directly at odds with prompt the regime to be moderate inequests for legislation' from the parliament, el set

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