Created: 12/7/1981

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POLAND: Political Pressures

Solidarity's militant Warsaw chapter yesterday called for the formation of "worker-guard" unitsationwide protest demonstration onecember. This resolution wasesponseeries of recent regime actions, includingddress on Friday by one of the regime's leading conservatives, Stefan Olszewski, onference of party organizations in the Warsaw area. In that speech, Olszewski calledore aggressive attitude on the part of the regime.

The moderate leaderships of both organizations, while active, are not revealing their hands. Solidarity chief Walesa conferred with Cardinal Glemp on Saturday; the party's Politburo met the same day. Solidarity's national commission is scheduled to convene this week. On its agenda willtrategy toward the antistriks legislation. arliamentary committee reportedill yesterday that would narrow the, area forstrike activity.

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