Created: 12/4/1981

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POLANDi Statement by Solidarity

fedarattfj within Solidarity apparently have prevailed in deliberation* aimed ateeponee to the regime'$ use of ferae against oadet firefighters sJSSmT**

The union Presidiumtatement yesterday that only indirectly mentioned this Issue. The however, criticised other actions by the regime, including its decision to proceed unilaterally on the reform of enterprises and its threat to pass antistrlks legislation in the parliament, and It threatened astrike ifaw is implemented,

union leadership held additional, heatedbut Solidarity leader Walesa indicated thatull meeting of the national committee--reportedly scheduled for nextcommit the union to action. "asms**

A spokesman for tha Warsaw chapter ofthe union rank and file

Approved for Release Dare

were not -profoundly seized" by the cadet strike and could not be expected to respond enthusiasticallyall ationwide protest. He added, however, that the union would soon have to address the issue of whether it should continue to avoid being provoked by government actions or whether it should begin to actively oppose the government's efforts to enact policies that, go against union interests, semem-

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