Created: 12/3/1981

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POLANDi Response by Solidarity .

e probably willtrong'j* -toady of the regime'* mm of force ycetsrcuy tsszfcst ssdet fighter* in Vareau but are likely to opt for more moderate. measure* to discourage *ueH actions by the government. *BBBBB

. Onion leader Walesa yesterday apparentlyeeting of the union'e leadershipay .in orderto allow tempers to cool. He also may have needed timeto determine how strongly Solidarity chapters .throughout the country objected to the government's action. bbsbbV

. The meeting todey or the leadership will beprobably will have to fend off demandscounter-reaction stronger than he isto accept. All the union leaders will agree that response is necessary in order to maintainnot to give the regime therce against other strikers with impunity. "" ' '.

'*'. The'union's response could tske the formork stoppage limited to the Warsaw'areaore general strike of short duration. The Warsaw branch may take-'action independent of the national Solidarity responsebecause it has been directly involved from theith, the.-protesting cadets and thus has more at stake.

.y'.The-regime may have decided on its first

of"force.,to demonstrate to theoPact Foreign Ministers meeting in Bucharest, and toDefense Ministers meeting in Moscow its resolve to oppose^ "future strikes: The government also has beeno Solidarity activities in the Ministry of the Interior "and probably felt compelled to"resist the cadets'ut of-'fear ofad example. CjTenw>


>r" 'Conservatives in the regime may have pressed for the '" Use of force in the hope that Solidarity would rascttrike. ounteraction could be used as additional justification by parliament to adopt an anti-strike law, which the party's Central Committee endorsed Sbbb>

Approved for Relftase


For the longer term the lnv^rnmant's actionikely to sour the atmosphere at Uim working level innegotiation* between the regime and the union. probably will be even less responsive to party leadercellront of National Accord.

Troops Not Osed

here is no evidence that Polish militaryparticipated in the assault by Polish

police on the firefighters' academy. Polish military police did, however, assist in blocking streetshe academy. Someruckloads of internalroops subordinate to the Ministry of Defense, moreover, also were at the scene and available if needed. 4mmmV

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