Created: 12/2/1981

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POLAND: Ter.ss Confrontation

aault of its attempt toough stand against strikers, the Jaruzelski regime hasense confrontation in Warsaw withtudent firefighters. The regime-has ringed the building housing the flrefighters' academy with riot -policemen and water cannon but has said it will not-use'force .'The students, who ere demanding.that theiramy be taken out of the Ministry of Interior ando the'Ministry of Higher Education, have refusedleave the building despite the dissolution of_ tha .acadeay on Saturday. Negotiations are under way to'resolveonflict. ecision to use force-couldeaction from tha.large crowd that is observing the standoff, and the Warsaw chapter of Solidarity, which supports the 'students, would also probably react with strikes and other demonstrations. SBBBBBBseeo*


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