Created: 11/28/1981

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POLANDi consideration of Antlstrike Lew

Party leader Jaruzelski yesterday increased pressure ormoderates to control strikes by announaing at the Central Committee plenum that he has instructed the government toraft antistrike lau to parliament.

Jaruzelski thusledge made in late October, when he promised to seek sucharliamentary resolution callingoluntary end to strikes was Ignored. Strike activity subsequently slowed- down gradually,

There currently are few economically significant strikes, but Jaruxelskl realizes that there are many issues that could lead to new walkouts. Be alsowants to avoid criticism that he is not willing to back up his tough language with actions. eana*>

Although details of the proposed law ere not yet available, it is likely to be confined to laying the groundwork for prohibiting some strikes and perhaps to giving parliament the right to limit the duration of all strikes. Such provisions were Includedraft trade unionto by Solidarity earlier thiswas never enacted.

A total ban on strikes would be strongly resisted.-by Solidarity's leadership, would scuttle current union-government talks, and would provoke considerable opposi-ion in parliament. Polish officials seem generally aware that production losses are due more to the lack f raw materials and spare parts than to strikes, fjffc.

Meanwhile, other speakers during the first day of the plenum indicated the regime will continue to act aggressively toward so-called "antisocialist" political activists. arty secretary said that during the past three weeks the government had begun surveillance of "opposition groups" and started investigations ofgainst


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