Created: 11/12/1981

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POLAND; Jaruselakl Proposal endorsed

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The endorsement, however, does noteyond Jaruselskl's previous references to the Front and does not indicate howody would be created or whet its powers would be. Jaruselakl recently told thethat Poland can only be governed with the support of the people and that, if this can be accompllKhed only bycoalition of power centers, then it must be accepted.

Solidarity and regime leaders have emphasized the need for some form of institutionalized cooperation, although the union believes Jaruselskl's plan is too limited in scope. Solidarity has proposed that the two aides discuss suchotherduring negotiations to be held soon. The regime has not yet replied to Solidarity's proposal that they meetto draw up an agenda for the talks. wamsV

Solidarity leader Walesa has been touring southern Poland urging workers to forgo strikes and to seek com-promises with the regime. He has met with some workers now on strike, but it is not clear whether he has asked them to return to work. The aurrent level of strike activity, however, seems unlikely to endanger the talks.

For the first time sines the Communist regime came to power, the offlcisl media and some leading politicians yesterday commemorated the country's reemergence as an independent republic inIndicator off the changed climate in Poland over the past year.


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