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POLANDi Political Maneuvering

Party leader Jaruseleki yesterdayoderate course oy not confronting Solidarityegal ban on strikes. emesaV

, He called on the union toarliamentarylacks the force ofan immediate end to strike activity. If that resolution is Ignored, he threatened to seek parliamentaryation for tha government to use "extraordinary means ofomething that could pointegal strike banstate of emergency." faafa*

Jaruzelski, in effect, has temporised on the issue, trying to deflect hardline pressure for an immediate strike ban while forcing Solidarity to control wildcatstrikes. At the same time,.he has reduced hisroom by publicly committing himselfougher course of action if labor unrest continues. Safes*

The regime threat to take away Solidarity's strike weapon could hinder the union leadership's attempts to' end continuing wildcat strikes. The union announced Thursday that it will consider disciplinary action toits own ban on strikes. Union militants can argue, however, that such action by the leadership would threate its credibility with the rank and file by creating the impression it is giving in to government threats. fS^seV

Ministerial changes announced by 'Jaruzelskiintended to invigorats management of thedeputy premiers were given broadpowers toand trade union affairs,

Although the changes are also designed to give the appearance of broadening the base of government support, the appointees are not likely to enjoy the confidence of Solidarity and tha Church. They include the bead of the Communist-allied Democratic Party and anegime-eponnorrd Catttolic organization, afafaamsss.

Opposition from party hardliners may have prevented Jaruzelski from making more significant changes. Be might try instead to bring representatives of Solidarity and the Catholic Church into his proposed new mechanisms for government consultation with representatives of society. Pexliaaent could act on such proposals et Its session today. feBBBBBBBeBBBBSBBBBJBeSS>

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