Created: 10/30/1981

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1Assuming that- Warsaw:embershipbe possible until mid- toolandnot be able to obtain immediate, financial helpIMF in meetingillion financialin .the'nexthe>IMF Link', however, shouldWarsaw in itsdrive^toi'eschedule tit* .debts andnew credits. i'v?"

The IMF will make'credits contingent on Warsaw's."'* Implementation of tough stabilizationlthough'olidarity leader Walesa has already endorsed IMFhip, the union is likely to object to the kinds ofusterity measures that, .theIMP will seek.e sensitive to any appearance of Western controlhe Polish economy. eaammsmmassnV

he Soviets apparently have agreed-toPoland an0 tons of meat byof thehe extra meat imports, announced at Central Committee session on Wednesday by partyaruzelski, areillion at Westernwill help Warsaw meet some, but not all, of itsobligations;

During this month, Warsawons of meat butrovide enough neat in the state distribution system to cover its The Soviet move seems intendedhow offor Jaruzelski at relatively little cunt. flBHk

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