Created: 10/29/1981

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POLANDi Continuing the Dialogue

The Jarueeleki regim* apparently will continue ice dialogue with Solidarity despite it*ondemnation of the general strike yeeterday.

At tha Central Committee session yesterday,aallad on Solidarity to give up ita "festering merry-go-round" of strikes and to engage in "conatructlve cooperation." While the union was preparing to strike, government officials met with one of union leader Walesa'i closest advisers to plan the next round of union-government talks. Walesa is expected to meet with Jaruzelskieek. emaeaemBBBesxl

Jaruzelski also announced his intention to propose to parliament thisramework for "socialsomething that could lead to more formal atructurlng of union-government relations. It is unclear how for the proposal will go toward meeting Solidarity's demands. nion official said that Solidarity will push for creationody to overaae economic reform end coordlneta economic preparationa for winter.

Party personnel changes announced yeaterday do not appear to signal any major change of Jaruzalskl's "firm but moderste course. The Central Committee also approved the Politburo's recommendation that Jaruzelski retain all three of his top posta. emmem

The appointmentlose Jaruzelski associate. General Siwickl, brings to thrse the number of generals on the Politburo. Two civilians, who are politicalwere brought into the Central Committeeone mayoderate. Three Central Committaa departments were mergedingle entity to oversea the nonagricultural pert of the economy, Basset

Solidarity's one-hour strike yeeterday passed without Incident anduccessful show of union strength. Although.the leadershipo doubt gratified over the results, it la still concerned about the increasing lack of discipline among local chapters. Even though one local union suspended it? planned continuation of the one-hour strike, work stoppages that had already been under way elsewhere apparently are continuing. TheCommission will meet next week to address the issue of union discipline end wildcat atrikes. ffaeeem.

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