Created: 10/26/1981

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POIANDi Deployment of Troops

fnm *aruMilski regume't initial plan* for deploying mpecial militaryhroughout the country sea* designed to avoidthe Uareaudirectly in any volatileituattone. SJBjBsBk

Smallcomposad of only three towill be sent toillagesthe remaining harvest and to help preparefor winter. The government apparentlytheroups today, perhapsfor the accompanying teams of "government

! Warsaw probably wants to begin the new programhitches by sending troops into the rural areas, where Solidarity's presence is relatively slight and popular respect for the military is high. Although the military should perform effectively in the conservativeof the small towns, it may not be accepted as well' in the larger cities, teamf)

Solidarity has responded guardedly to the regime's action; the union stated that it will take at face value the government's claim that only economic problems are being addressed until "the facts prova otherwise." In Wroclaw in southwestern Poland, where mistrust of the regime's intentions is probably great because of the incident there lastolidarity leader seld that the troops may be favorably received if they canase food shortages. eefsmV

The government's decision apparently has had little dampening effect on local strike activity, which appears to be growing. Workersajor factory in Warsaw have threatened to strike in supportwo-week sit-in demonstration0 textile workers. The continuing walkoutsetback for Solidarity leaders, who had sought to have the local actions called off in favor of the general strike this Wednesday. fsV

The party Politburo, meanwhile, is meeting today to assess the situation and consider personnel changes to be presented at the Central Committee session on The leadership apparently has not yet decided

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crisis, nJln<

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