Created: 10/24/1981

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POLAND: Hew Role for the Military

Forty leader Jaruaelaki's move yesterday to involve themore directly in dampening Poland's political and economic turmoil aouldieky test of the military's ability to performomestic police role. 4mmV

Theassigned the military ain helping ensure "law andandling

economic problems, and "solvingto use respect for the military to curb local The plan reportedly will be implementeddaye but does not appear to Include anyon civil libertieseclaration of martial law, though the measureslausible step toward some of martial'law.

The regime's plan could be designed in part to in-iroidate Solidarity, which yesterday decided to go aheadne-hour nationwide warning strike next Wednesday and threatened further strikesakeover of the food distribution system if some of its demands are not met. . Jaruzelski may express the government's concernseeting with Solidarity leaderhat could take place as early as today. 4Vaw* .

It is unclear what role the military will play inlocalut the government has goneits practice of using joint military-police patrole;regime is planning to dispatch "operational groups"seasoned conscripts led by "professional

throughout the country.ups will work Inith troubleshooting teams ofdelegates."

Recent incidents in Katowicections by the civilian police quicklyarge and hostilehave convinced the regime that the police are not effective in enforcing its new, tougher policies. The government has moved closer to its final option because it now may be testing the reliability of its military forces toomestic police function and the willingness of the Polish populace to respect the -military in that role, sejea.

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Reaction In Armed forces to Extension of Service

Hew information on reaatlona by the Polish military to the two-month extension laat .week of military service indicates that some units may be unwilling to put down civil unrest. Conscripts in Lublin and Jelenla Gora have sent open letters to Solidarity aaking for support and stating that they would not allow themselves to be used In any ellltarylnat tha Polish people, eaeemm*

soldiers claimed that the extension was in vio-

lationtatute adopted7 governing military service, expressed concern that forces were being pre- ared for military action, and announcedormal -protest action would be staged soon. We do not, however, know the extent of such resentment among Polish soldiers.

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