Created: 10/23/1981

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POLAND: Divisions within

Soti&rity', national Uadarahip meting today in Caanek for


eader Walesa is counseling caution, but ersconsidereliberate attack on Solidarity and*

ry' Those calling fortrike may argue that the union has to take this kind of action in order to preserve credibility with the rank and file andcurrent widespread strike activity. The largest

ndTreWaTJi"ilnProvince of Zielona Gora

chapter has launched an open-ended work stoppage, which may involve uporkers. ^Mah

The regime may be reluctant to push too hardonfrontation. The official media have played down the Incident in Wroclaw and acknowledged the positive role of Solidarity in cilming the situation. The localreportedly has also lifted the ban on public meetings and released those;who had been detained, prompting. olidarity toocal transit atrike. enmets

Soviets Seeking Aid of Church .

Moscow is continuingsolicit the Church's help In moderating Solidarity's position. Soviet officials reportedly told Archbishop Glemp In Rome earlier this week that if solidarity is prepared to reach anation with the government, Polish authorities would notonfrontation. Glemp is said to have pledged that the Church would urge the Solidarity leadership tothe union's activities and cooperate with the government .1


Approved for Release

' The Soviet approach Is'consistent with recent indi cations that Moscow, while urging the regime tooughsr line, would tolerate an Independent trade unionoderete character, at least for the time being. Moscow probably hopes these initiatives will isolate union radicals and project an ieage ofts policy toward the Polish situation. 8uch an image also would prove useful in the context of PresidentBrezhnev's visit to West Germany next month. $M

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