Created: 10/22/1981

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POLAND: Government Resolve

Tlie ryixc ia tn'r:yir its determination to rein in anti-Soviet aotivitn. eaaesv

Polish media reported yesterday that publicin the southwestern province of Wroclaw had been banned following"*the distribution of "anti-Soviet there. At least three Solidarity activists were detained, and Solidaritytrike if they were not released; Wroclaw transit workers maytrike action on their own.

It is unclear how thefirst to be imposed since the founding of Solidarity lastto be enforced. It could serveartial test of martial law plans long in preparation, and It will surelya gauge of popular sentiment, eaafffc

The show of government resolve may be intended partly to prompt Solidarityare meeting today inmake some effort to control anti-Soviet agitators. Solidarity leader Walesa has previously criticised such activity as harmful to the union's interests, but he will be reluctant to comment until he la sure that the government is not using the "anti-Soviet" charge torackdown on local union informational activities. faTam

Meanwhile, party leader Jaruzelski has made aearly effort to smooth relations with the Churcheeting yesterday with the Polish Primate, Archbishop Glemp. Accordingomestic television account, both men agreed that joint Church-state action should continue as part ofthe search foriroad plane of national accord." ^kmammmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmT

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