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POLANDi Mora Personnel Changes

art* leader* .'oruaslski apparently intend* to strengthen hie hand in the party leadership by making high-level personnelentral Cctsiittee ejt'i^rr to v. toon." emmfe

. The new First Secretary intends to make'changes in he Secretariat and the Politburo, and Kania may be among the party leaders he will dismiss.' Jaruxelskl may have to draw from the ranks of the military and government to find candidates in whom he has confidence. 4smmw

'-Jaruxelskl also wants to gain approval ofin .the government that would open more cabinet-levelposts to non-Communists. This seems an effort toore broadly based "notional unity" governmenthe,regime hopes would help isolatehe Central Committee reportedly will also decide whether Jaruselskj will retain his government posts. BeV


The new party leader yesterday again underscored -his willingness to deal firmly with Poland's problems by' attending'a meeting of the military council, atthe tasks of the military wars "defined in light of the current-situation." Such meetings have been.used before^ to put pressure on Solidarity to moderate its "views.-

Solidarity lea-Cars may be prepared .tohow 'good will toward the new first Secretary, but1militants will keep them from appearing too con- The union's national executivethe strike ban proposed by the Centralatstake but vowed to help eliminate unjustifiedprotests. -One local chapter'heatedly attackedbam as tantamount is breaking the basic union-WsW%

The uaioo's formal response to the party's proposals will be delayed until after Solidarity leader Walesato Poland from France later today or tomorrow. Leaders will poll the rank and file on the Centralresolutions before their emoting tomorrow and Thursday, when they are elated to decide whether to go

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aheadhort nationwide warning strike to protest 'price increases made, during Solidarity's congress. The union's success over the weekend.ateepor'sry'" price freeze should provide enough justification for. canceling the strike plan, sesem,

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oviet party leader Brezhnev's congratulatoryto Jaruzelski indicates that while expecting firmction from the new First Secretary, Moscow recognizes his heed for room tohe message expresses confidence that Jaruzelski will use his fullo strengthen the unity of the polish party andocialism againstut.it does not'-', call for drastic measuresor suggest the possibility of

assistance." *aas*W -

* The message-Is far mora'cordial than the one sent. Kania upon his reelection in July but lass effusive*than the one at the time of his initial election.Thisf reservation suggests that Moscow will refrain from' -expressing full approval of Jaruzelski until it has seen how he performs in his new office.

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