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POLANDi Party Policy Toughening

The replaoejnent of party leader Kania by Priroe Ministerforeeha otfkerh- alien party toward Solidarity leal, while ooniuu.inj the union-aov+rnwmnl Jiilooue, also increasee the ohanoee of confrontation. faans) .

".The acceptance ofbyercent of the Central Committoe members whoreflects heightened frustration within the party over Its inability to contain Solidarity. Some moderates may have felt that Kania had to be sacrificed because he hadymbol of inaction and thus an impediment to his own pragmatic policies. famafsV

The selection of Jaruselskl seems intended to exploit popular respect for the military to the party's advantage and possibly to place the psrtyosition to manage any "state of emergency" more easily. It remains unclear whether Jaruxelskl will retain his government posts as prime minister and defense minister, saesmm)

Jaruxelskl is obligated-toout inCommittsacould bringdirectly into conflict with the union. The Committee demanded that parliamentthe right to strike' and called forall government-union agreements. The resolutionthe party's intent to tighten control overrunning directly counter to union

p Jaruxelskl seems likely/.however, to movesing more .forceful eeasures to deal with Solidarity. The Central Committee kept open the door for negotiations, proclaiming itself in favor of "the line of dialogue, accord, and cooperation." Continuing divisions within 'the party would stake, the quick reversal of this policy difficult. eamVae,

Approved for Release


Jsruxelaki probably also realises tha Importance creating tha right atmosphere for any declarationmartial' law, both to gainsupport and tothe reliability of the troops who must enforce*

, Initial reactions from Solidarity wereunion apparently interprets the Changs asdisarray- in theather thanhiftnion leader Walesa, who remains into. comment even though his aides ,aremonitoring the situation. fSess^

Soviet Commentary

Soviet reporting.has been limited .to' factualMoscow doubtless Is pleased at the change in

Polish leadership. The Soviets have made clear theirwith Kania's performance in recent months.

Moscow will look for early indications that the new..First Secretary is willing to act more firmlyis predecessor in strengthening central control of.arty and suppressing what Moscow considers to be.elements inhe Soviets probablyrge Jaruzelski' touse of'the Polish mill-.tary-if.warranted.


Poles .have" been considering'cthe Imposition of martial law for'some time, and stiff planning, for'.the military units that would be.probably is'complete;*"

The two-month extension of the term of military, service for conscripts scheduled' to be discharged this week shows Warsaw's desire to be prepared shouldove be necessary. ssBBB^Bk

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