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POLAND:. Pressure on Solidarity


attachJvtiaarity, combined..:

.witnpreeMv not to bow to mreit, will *tif-fen the unionoaturein negotiation* vitli tha regitw. aejej

t Kania's.rohibition against strikes

ingthe fall and winter" in his speech to theentral Committee was partly .for economic reasons. '. This; .proposal-and the purge of liberals now under way/.however,

,/pected strike ban and will view it.ajoreconomic talks with the government, whichon.Thursday. atter of principle they% risk the anger of the rank and file by achief weapon.. If thapresses thisa measure must be -

theprobably will feel compelled. ';)

to follow through' with its threatened general strike next'-'


- : T!

most explicit attack by Kania on the union

force. Its leaders to defend themselves against theof having political ambitlons--something union moderates tried to play down at tha recent congress. Kania, 'j'seconded by Politburo member Olszewski, accused elementsin Solidarity !of wrecking the economy in order to

'.olitical power . ftj

The rash of. wildcat "strike* and strike alerts in< -least eight provinces over shortages of food,eat, will.put pressure on Solidarity to avoid making oncessions during' the talks. The union is.asking'"'

increased control over the distribution,nd' rationing .of food, and Solidarity's chief negotiator said hat, unless the talks endedould call the generalhe government,esterday rejected Solidarity's proposalovernment-nion "social council" to overse* the economy. aeseaV

The government does not have the capability tofood supplies and cover meat rationing commi tmenta. Despite the recent procurement price hike, farmers have

Approved for Release



.contracted to supply only about ona-half as much mat to the state In the next threehoy did in the same period last year: they caueh higher prices in black 'markat'salee. In addition, the government's chronicin supplying farmers with coal in exchange for. meat. will become more difficult beceuse of the drop in coaloutput resulting from the dispute between the government and the union over Saturday pay for miners. SmanT

the Polish Government,ove at* least. partly. intended to show its resolve, to aot, announced two-month extension of the terms of service of conscripts who would have been released next week. Induction of new conscripts apparently will proceed as scheduled, 'emml

-The regime justified the extension by citing the need for'the military to increase its contribution to the national economy, but the involuntary extension of service will cause some resentment among the servicemen concerned. Some apparently fear that they have been retained to eaae Implementation of martial law. etter published by Solidarity, some soldiersublic protest and expressed their concern thatere being retained "to prepare us for takingonfrontation on the side that does not suit us. feama*


etention of trained personnel will increase the strength and preparedness of Polish military forces. nits can be kept .at increased strengthallup of reservists. Any troopso assist civilianhowever, would have to be recalled if.their unit were to be brought up to full strength. VeSa* -V


SiviUfiB, 6he Soviet dTvisionin Polandne inand two divisions in the western USSR showed no unusual activity.

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