Created: 10/13/1981

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POLAND: Government'9 Proposal

rhm regime's proposal on Sunday that Solidarityeal wits certain economic problemsonoiliatory gesture that signals continued interestomngm9. eammv

ronnstlon of thewould discuss food supplies, rationing, and priesbe an important step toward institutionalising, the union-government dialogue. The regime probablyoint -commission will ease the way for the next round of price increases, which it wants to take effect late next month. The authorities would like to have Solidarity share some of the burden of unpopular economic decisions. fjsnal

The union probably will be wary of joiningroup. Solidarity has longole in overseeing food distribution, something it might gain by participating in this new commission. Onion officials, however, want any agreement on price increases to be linked to the broader issue of economic reform, over which the two sides still have major differences, fmmmm

The union leadership remains under pressure to make some gains In talks with the government. Several restive local chapters seem determined to make good on threatened warning strikes,all yesterday by Solidarity's presidium to end all protest actions forays. The government over the weekend averted strike actions in two regions by agreeing to negotiate directly with local Solidarity representativps. SjmBj}

Soviet Commentary

an article today bv A.seudo- ym for Soviet Politburoearlier, lower level Soviet charges that the program passed by the recent Solidarity congress is an attempt to destroy socialism in Poland and to seise political power. It stated that the preservation of socialism in Poland is notomestic question, but one that affects the vital interests of all socialist states. abbbv

Tho article, though tough, is no ultimatum and omits previous lower level criticism of Polish authorities by Moscow. The Soviet commentary suggests that Soviet leaders have not yet determined how hard to press Warsaw for action against _the un_ion^jr-how extensive that sction should be.


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