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POLAND: Solidarity Congress Ends

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Solidarity chief walesa is determined to assert firm control -over the union after the conclusion yesterday of thecongress despite the efforts of hie critics to-restrain hissVJ"ft

Walesa Is disappointed that two of his clonewere not elected to thean National Commission, but he has been moving quickly to gather support and to influence.the commission's selection of the union's presidium. Theof onlyolidarity's executive committee and willey role in directing union affairs, fjoea

Walesa has been making overtures to such Important regional leaders as Xarol Hodzelewski, who .has-sometimee opposed Walesa and now may be instrumental in helping negotiate economic reform issues with the government. Walesa also hopes to isolate any militants in the new presidium by requiring them to live in Gdansk or by strict enforcement of attendance rules. Aiding Walesa in his efforts to pack the new presidium with men of his own choosing is an apparent feeling among many union leaders that some of Walesa's moreradical critics showedtoo intemperate.

Solidarity's.new leadership will be chargeda union program approved yesterday thattoixture of moderation and militancy. reportedly calls for free elections, publicformer political leaders, and far-reaching the pro-

gram's section on international relations has been toned down from earlier drafts. fffb>

The union leadership evidently has latitude inout the program, and it has been charged withproposed" election law by the end of the year. oken national strike to protest recent price increases wouldnly if the leadership's negotiations with the re-yinn are fruitless, fJ*eBB>

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The regime and the Soviets are certain to react vehemently to the overt political planks of the platform, but the union's demand for "social control" over the econ omy is apt to bring it into conflict with the government first. The union delegates seem disposed to push rapidly for their version of worker self-management which Prime Minister Jaruzelski yesterday called an impediment to-economic reform.

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