Created: 10/3/1981

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Skyjacking Problem

The evident Soviet desire to prevent hijacked Polish aircraftlanding in Nest Berlin raises potentially serious problems of air safety and the possibility of en international Incident. The third Polish aircraft hijacked to West Berlin in ss many months landed at the US airfield at Testpelhof oneptember, despite blocking maneuvers by Soviet military fighters and helicopters..During the incident, soviet helicopters also took up low-altitude positions over the approach beacons at the French and British airfields, ssmmmmaeaa

The Soviet representativeerlin air controllers' meeting subsequently confirmed that the Soviets will use helicopters in any future hijacking to try to force theaircraft to land in Bast Germany. He stated such actions would be unnecessary If OS authorities would return hijackers to Poland. Soviet anxieties probably havs been heightened sinceeptember by two unsuccessful attempts to hijack Polish commercial aircraft, essmmmmn*

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