Created: 10/3/1981

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POLAND: Walese's Victory

Solidarity ohisf Ualsna'e narrow margin of viator* in the balloting yesterday for chairmanship of tha union probablyequire him to pay mora attention to the view* of tha organination's militants. asfjfc

Waleea received justercent or the vote, with hia three militant rivals splitting the other valid Early in the congress, his supporters had been predicting that Walesa would win an overwhelming victory,-with as much asercent of the votes. Although Walesa's immediate reaction was to warn those who voted against him that "they should not stand too much in myhis appears to be an emotional response ratherealistic appraisal of his future relations with the militants. fjae*.

The regime probably has mixed feelings about Walesa'i victory. Although it is pleased that he won, it probably is dismayed over the prospect of having to deal withwho may be less inclined to compromise. Walesa can justifiably claim that he is under strong pressure from within the union to stand firm. IjesnV

Congress organizers reportedly are aiming fortomorrow, but the delegates must still complete action on the lengthy union platform and vote on the resolution on workers' self-management. olishreportswo-day party Central Committeeis scheduled to begin tomorrow, presumably to assess the results of the congress, emmn*



Meat Supplies

Thepercent increase in the price paid to earners Cor slaughter hogs is unlikely to Increase substantially the amount of meat in the state marketing system. The new procurement price announced on Thursday is still half the price of hogs on the black market, and government efforts to crack down on black market sales appear to have had little impact. The- state couldpurchases ofin August wereercent below procurements.lastit were able to deliver the coal and other agricultural products that it offers in exchange.

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