Created: 9/28/1981

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Solidarity Militants Attack Compromise

The union militants' determined aeeautt onmanagement eaeyrromie* agreement seem* to haveimited ohanoe of eueees*and may partly be an effort to enhance their prospect* onssue* to be discussed at theflM

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-'Although approval by the congress of the compromise that Solidarity leader Walesa and the nationaleached with the regime .last week remains in doubt, its supporters have, confidently beenictory. ti Walesa's'impassioned.defense of the agreementwms enthusiastically applauded. He may put. all of'vbehind this agreement; some of his

apparently are spreading the word that he willit is"

- Vew important regional leaders appear to haveor outright rejection of the agreement, which was enacted by parliament on Friday. Some who have long objectedalesa's highhanded ways, however, criticized the mannern which the agreement was reached. They may be trying to prevent Walesa from getting the congress to endorse his proposaltrong centralr. fjpvnai

The.Moderates' case for the agreement has been', hindered, by'.the fact that only fourmember'* >r: national'leadership participated in the decision. V

congress today will hear explanations from those who- .


**'VThe congress yesterday implicitly reaffirmed its controversial pledge'of-.'support, for free tradelsewhere ,in Eastern Europe/.and the USSR. V. Delegates responded enthusiasticallyetterreetings said.to be from Romanian workers. the congress' is unlikely to reiterate its position by -';

another resolution, the Eastregimes and the Soviets will be angered that the union has again publicized the issue, faffs*}



Approved for Rt.eu**

Date AUfi EMf)



Soviec Propaganda

TASS reported again Saturday thatin Poland are criticizing Polishtolerating anti-Soviet activity and areaction against counterrevolutionary forces. the Polish critics as citing the need tobetween "dialogue" end "capitulation." It didrepeat the call made last week for conveningparty's Central Committee, suggesting thatthe time Isnot ripeirect challengechief Xanla. J.

oviet media haveleastcalls for immediate strong action against Solidarity. Instead, Moscow's coverage of Premier Jaruzelski's speech to tha parliament last Thursday, quoted his affirmation that "mutual understanding"possible if the unionore moderate line. esTaet

Military Situation

The. Soviets continue to be concerned about the security of their

Installations and personnelT Solidarity probably would counter martial law or Soviettion only with acts of passive resistance, such as occupation_pf factories and aral strike.

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