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POLAND: Tst of

Tha Polish Governmentouioktf and daoisivsly yesterday to areata tho logal struaturs for martial law, but tha first real tost of thaae prooadurse will ooma today as workers return tc ths faotoriss.

The detention ofnion activists.most of Solidarity's national leadership, may cowfactory workers, but union members ara not likely to passively accept defeat. fjV

Solidarity presumably Is attempting to institute contingency plans. Including provisions for automatic changes in the leadership as senior members are detained. Onion leadsrs in Gdansk who escaped arrest have indicated that they areational strike committee andeneral strike would be the appropriate response to tbe government's action. The strongest response to the government's measures may come from local chapters along the Baltic coast.

Tbe government, according to lta press spokesman, is conducting talks with union leader Walsaa la toe Warsaw area. The regime, hoping that announcement of such talks

will prompt workers toait-and-see attitude, would ilka Walesa to maks some kind of statement calling oa worken to avoidalesa would be reluctant to do so, however,realises that such aa action could damage hia credibility, 'archbishop Glsmp publicly criticised the government for abandoning ths process of dialogue but urged tha populaoa not to resort to violence. ^|

Tba regime is aware tbat sit-in atrikss amytodayussove that

carries with it tba danger of bloodshed and civil war.

Polish military activity has included tha deployment of two mechaniseddivisions at Gubin andthe Warsaw area. Battalions from tbadivision at Krakow also were scheduled to be tent

Soviet and East European Reactions

Soviet force* are not actively involved, but Soviet authorities in Poland, headed by Marshal Kulikov--the Commander in Chief of Warsaw Pactaware of the Polish plana and are continuing to monitor the.

At least some Czechoslovak and Eaat German units and Borne Soviet units in East Germany have!

this signals heightened watchfulness, there evidence yetormal alert has been declared any of these forces. WJB

media continue to report selectively but without comment on Prime Minister Jaruzelaki's speech and the measures being undertaken. TASS reports that the situation is generally calm in most areas of Poland. M

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