Created: 2/18/1982

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POLAND: Police Action

The regime hasecent police sweep of the country to deter increased resistance to martial lay. .'KM-cU-state contacts are continuing despite strained relations. Indue-eial Jast month, largely because of Western sanctions.

Polish radio yesterday announced that the police recentlyroad two-day sweep of the country to check compliance with martial law restrictions andndividual violations. Tho police detained atersons,thers to appear in misdemeanor courts, and fined.

Comment: Previous, smaller sweeps have notreporting on the large number ofinfractions could reflect implicit criticism ofenforcement of regulations, especially sincePolitburo member Olszewski apparentlyand television. There may be debate in theon the neede regime to crack down onactivities.

Comment: Rakowski and Orszulik are known toChurch-state cooperation. Rakowski presumably was interested inoadlng on the recent discussions in Rome between Archbishop Glemp and the Pope. Orszulik probably sought information on the regime's plans for casing martial lew rp^ncuw.^. mewest

Production Down

Industrial production fell last month in virtually every sector, especially those dependent on Western Output ofand aluminum was about


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ercent below that of the same month last year, and production of rolled steel and plastics declined by aboutercent. sbbbbbI

Coal production, on the other hand, rose by S Hard currency tradeurplus asdropped by more thanercent while exports declined by onlyercent.

Passive resistance may have contributed to the poor performance, but the major factor was the shortage of Western materials due partly to Western sanctions. The collapse of automobile production, for example, stems from Italy's action blocking credit lines that allow the Poles to buy car components. aaaiS

Despite shortages of vital Western supplies, the regime has chosen torade surplus in order to pay some debts owed to private banks. Any foreseeable surplus, however, will not be large enough to allow Warsaw to meet its interest obligations to private banks, and defaulttrong possibility.

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