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POLANDi Threat to CSCE

its visibility and Solidarity stepping Heat supplies continue to dwindle. VJB

Poland seems determined to make good on its threat to boycott any CSCE session that criticizes it, but will not leave the meeting altogether. The internal eituation remaine unsettled, with fi*attempting to increase its visibility andp its leaflet campaign.

The Polish press on Saturday printed Deputy Foreign Minister Wiejacz's assertion that Poland will walk out of any CSCE meeting where the West tries to put Warsaw "in the dock." Poland is slated to chair the opening ministerial-level session in Madrid tomorrow. West German Foreign Minister Genscher stated yesterday that progress is still possible on CSCE issues, even though there will be discussion at the meeting of the situation in Poland.

Although the Poles have long taken ain CSCE and are bidding to host aconference, the publication of Wiejacz'sthat Warsaw is willing to carry out it*only by boycotting some of the plenarycould throw et leeet thfl_flrst day's sessionprocedural

The Soviets may be Inclined to force an extended procedural delay, hoping that busy ministers would have to go horns and leave the disr^iBinn of Poland to lower level officials.

Party Troubles

A senior official confirmed yesterday that the party had lost nearlyillion members in the lastonths end Is trying to recruit workers who previously


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dropped out. He admitted that the party is having trou-blo rebuilding its ranks; even so, party purges at all levels will continue. Party officials havo instructed local organizations to establish factory-level committees to oversee implementation of price increases ongoods. Theof at leastercentensure that price hikes are not flsive." ssl

Cessmenti The party's effort toore visible image reflects continuing sensitivity among the leaders and the rank and fllo over military domination of the country. Its attempts to gather new support will fail, and prospects are that membership will continue to decline.

Solidarity Activities

Solidarity leaflet and poster campaign is aof Solidarity Day In tne West and the rect istrations inecline In discipline among workers, includingexpressions of support for Solidarity at factories.

Comment: The demonstrations in Gdansk, subsequent protests of price increases, and increased studentprobably have unnerved some in the regime and nave reised doubts over how long the short-term calm created by martial low can last.

Meat Supplies



government official admitted over the weekend that meat consumption this year would be only aboutercent of the level of last year. Be implied that meat rations would be further reduced, perhaps as early as next month, ffl^

Commentt ejected dropthe oripp* ing of the" poultry Industry dueack of fodder andlevels of meat imports. Warsaw plane to import0 tone of neat thisfromcomparedons

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