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POLAND: Government Paces Passive Resistance

Pith major strikes at least temporarily over, government leader* will turn their attention to method* ofhe Church ha* rcaahcJ an agreementth* regime on dietribution of emergency food aid, TASS report* oontinue to charye the USting the Polish ariai* to disruptegotiation*, emnTBt

. he Polish Government Is claiming that productioneturning to normal, but absenteeism and passiveby the work force were evident yesterday, the first work day sfter the holidays. With the end of the last officially acknowledged strike, at the Plast colliery in Silesia, the regime probably has begun totrategy of intimidation andas the -relaxation of some martial lawcombatassive resistance by workers. The government will have to decide how nuch carrot and how much stick to applyobtain increased agricultural products from now-reluctant

Farmers. "Ves***

The limited Information available on workeryesterday indicates that the government faces atask.

yesterday, noted little activity at plants and offices, with many buildings dark in late afternoon and few workers seen using public transportation serving industrial sites. Polish rsdlo admitted that only two-thirds of the work force showed up at the Ziemowit coal mine andercent at the Gdansk and Gdynia Shipyards. The broadcast .claimed restrictions on electricity and materials in the case of the shipyards as the reason for the personnel :


nconfirmed reports point to scattered incidents of industrial sabotage, workers at the lsrgelant in Warsaw are reportedly turning out parte that do not fit together.. Strikers et the steel mill in Katowice evidently severely damaged the furnaces shortlyhe strike was broken onecember, although theclaims that steel production resumed several dayst the bugs works.

The government has withdrawn2 plan and budget from parliamentary consideration because of the uncertainties of martial law and imports from the West.



nterim targets will be drawn up formonth for critical areas such as coalsupplies and three monthe for most otherChief Made) hinted that production goalssectors may be raised because of extended worX-hours. Actual output, however, probably willin many industries because ofhortage of irrpcrtB.

The Church and the government apparently are to in drawingriority list of thoseare to receive food aid In each parish. There ison*whether the Church or the governmentto have custody of the donated food, but the authorities will want to give the impression abroad thatthe

- .. .

Soviet Commentary

The Soviet media claim the situation in Poland is on the wholend thereby frustrating US efforts to turn Polandpermanent seat of tension in Europe." V" dispatch from Warsaw yesterday noted that Trybuna kuduI decried President Reagan's response 'martial law in Poland. esmV

ASS report fror Washington'insists thatecretary of State Stoessel did not say "anything

essentially new" during his press interview yesterday.toto sakeion of the Soviet-US talks in Geneva contingent on Soviet

"conduct-AOS claimed that Btoeesel's

remarka confirmed that, "extremists" '. from. Solidarity are-.

^:in receiving US support, and It again chargedon with hoping to use the Polish crisisretext for 'disrupting.the Geneva talks and other East-West negotia-

rlnm. '


has boon no1 <inlfleant change in tne overall



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