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SUBJECT: Itily: Political Updite

Of SocialIit party

Tht laadari of thaartita thatSotoollal schtduladt am heoday to discuss tht future of thtlr coalltlaa. *of prttilng national proolan* notwithstanding, tht central tuitionbt uhtthar tha covtrnatrt It wrtsele aay lanttr. Thtfatter of tht stall (tapvallcan party -ytar ago arw nto-wrotit-tan tht two Mia governing pirtlo*tht Christian rjaaoerits and tht Socialistsntlthtr of watch wants tht othtr to control tht prtao tlnlitry. Tht two big partlts have fought taeft otMr and SptdoHnli'xor tht way. Thtrt It aort ratio* mm than at any tloe In rucant tenths to aspect thatsenss till aovtraltoifty'i proctadlagi and that thtnHljjrtirahile lanatr, but tht situation it at bait unpttdlcttblt.

aettTfva Ii llkaly to turn In largo part oa tht itaaca Crtil. Owl, ado Has leng coveted tht prtasv

t swrtrnlna

eoncarn about whtthtr press rapartt ara accurate,n -Men about corrrlncad Craal that tla* Is oa predictions for his party barot tha coalition laadtrt'tag tha

ttUralttatt pushes far change appear ta htvn beat aotlftted ay mt whathar and ha> long hit party can aalatala ttS If


long his party can aalatala ita aeaawttn. Ifttt launa local tat) parcaat ef tha electorateas kit slat. ha* tag aaaaatitat cot. Craal till press hit cast ilgoreusiy at tot at crucial aoaanti ta think ha aay prate politics this tar lag atght suggest.

Tha al action returns aay also asm tha Chrlstlaaeat favorably oatMtfe age aaarly olactad party latdtr Mita rtadr to confront Craat and rtustrt OC aran tha Caalltlaa. Significant lostts In tht local polllag haveaaper aa this aced, however, and tha ratults conforai ta tlactoral pattarns suaotstlag tttll dan ahaad for tha OC. Tht local tlactltm, ta which tht fc lost abort taa points It coaparlion te previous national and localava ahasst ctrtatnly brought boat ta Oa KiteMs falstlatsshat It will be seat tiao btfort his party Is ready taatteaal caaaatga.


rillant ta OaWlta's aiiltasaei*leatele.

C-ipite Mi rvpgUtlM forough Una to-ard tha SoctilKU. thii* hii aaanaca to th. tc. lit tona

tha seilc art

Mllm DtMlto rnutd actacartalnlyi. nmmU f. aMttlaa It aoatd add coMlaeraelv te

tiaovarnaaat itniaauld aaad lhalaratu.aartlti: tha Ortttlan


If It cam to Molina -Ith IMcaution. Ta ao othtrwtM wmU aajwtt/ althln tha DC ta fcwosri la

StMollal'i cfcaaca* ef eaareU, Irm May-'* mmUm Ms

tsraersNjraa, tho rrtctlea th. CC that hai haixtad laadolt-1a

I. .Jul tamal? Xrt^^Tlf^^tTS'Jar^'eaa

Ktlea Ittaaaa IM laclallits aad

1of tMaa t- N'tii! ca^d'trf^'ln^iL-afcaonal

altctloa that nearly all political it Man as* theyta araU. j





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