Created: 5/22/1982

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POLANO: An Appeal Frcai Walesa

Solidarity leader Valesa reportedly hoe written an appeal for an end to demonstrations similar to those that occurred earlier this month, but hie plea may have limited influence.

that Walesa wrote tne appeal lestof tho antigovernment demonstrations.eves that tho appeal will be heeded and will leadto^aperiod of political calm the coding months. Jttl Hi

BfBBBaBBaatslal:io believes that the regimeeemergence of Solidarity, even in a The Miniator of Labor, who talks often withthe authorities

see no reason tonegotiate with solidarity and said that trado union legislation would make it irrelevant.

Comment: Church officials may have encouraged Walesa to draft his statement. Although Walesa's statement has not been released publicly, Glemp may include itpecial message addressed to the nation's youth due to be conveyed in sermons tomorrow. j

ttis overly optimistic in believing that the appoal can prevent future demonstrations. Tha Solidarity leaders who escaped detention have often disagreed with Walesa, and some underground activists believe that tho union will have to resort to more demonstrations to keep pressure on the authorities. The regime's apparentthat it need not negotiate with Solidarity also may radicalize some moderate union lcadorn who still hope that the union can be restored.

In addition, more repression based partly on tho belief that the union is on the ropes could lead to protests and vlolenoe. Walesa's appeal could, in fact, strengthon the resolve of conservatives in the regime toough line.

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