Created: 5/14/1982

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POLANDi Strikes and Deraonstrotions

Sporadic strikeslash between young people and the police yeeterday in Krakow, in southern Poland, marked theof the sixth month of martial law S

The violence in Krakow erupted when police with clubs, tear gas, and water cannonsrowd of The young people had gatheredass that has been said onh of every month since the imposition of martial law. Police also broknimilar but smaller demonstration in Warsaw.

Demonstrations and strikes earlier_in the daypeaceful.

several thousand Poles gatheredajor intersection in Warsaw but dispersed without incident after the police moved into the area. tudents at Warsaw University reportedly observed the strike by leaving their classrooms. ^sema

Preliminary information Indicates that workers staged scattered strikes despite heavy police and warnings of severe consequences.that workers in all deportmentsajor transportation equipment plant in southeasternck.slVBBlBBBBH^HI9clr>inthat short strikes occurred in other major cition. ^ B

Commenti The worker strikes probably were less widespread than some Solidarity activists had hoped but more extensive than the regime admits. The day's events were,lear domonstration that the population is increasingly willing to challenge the authorities and that Solidarity activists can control some of this Tensions remain high, endadditional violence in the coming weeks is probable,

The meet serious Immediate consequences may fall on university Students and the Church. If the regime carries out its threat to expel students for demonstrating, to fire ths more popular professors, or to close thethere will be more clashes. Warnings to the Church not to let Itself be exploited will probablymore intense,pressure from someregime probably ^is not yet ready to attack the Church more directly.

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