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POLAND: Threats by the Government

Thean effort to avoal offmtnute strike and one-minute traffic halt called for tomorrou by Solidarity aoHvistS'-yeeterday warnedthat it would deal firmly with any violation of martial law.

Tho authoritiesimilar warningtho police against demonstrators on 3in factories pnder military control couldtrials and stiff penalties if theythe strike.


managers arc reminding wOrXers that violations could carry the death penalty and that more, factories might be brought under military control.

urther deterrent, the government announced that it had arrestedeople during the rioti lest week and. It said that disciplinary measorss also would be taken against high school and college students. Meanwhile, the Polish party dally criticised Western newsmen for circulating information about opposition activities andoordinated political campaign aimed at inciting social unrest.

Commenti Tho strike will show whether the Increased rebellious-he'ss shown by youth has spread to the factories. More workers probably will participate id acta of defience than during previous monthly anniversaries of theof martial law. News about participation in the strike is likely to be partially suppressed by tho authori-tloo, however, and the regime probably will assort that moat factories did not heed the call of "antisocialists-and "foreign provocateurs. BBRBV

Vlolenco, which soma in the government may sockie most likely if the authorities useto atop the brief strike or take punitiveindividual workers. Even If the responsetime, their grievances remain and

Solidarity activists will continue their


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