Created: 5/10/1982

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POLAND: Peaceful Demonstrat ion

The official celebrationay in Warsawtook place peacefully as large numbers of police provided security for the hour-long ceremony. Archbishop Glomp and Church officials throughout the countryhad urgsd the populace to avoid violence in its expressions of frustration with the regime. egional Solidarity bulletin issued this weekend, meanwhile,

announced the formationemporary nationalcommittee and repeated the union.'s_ call for a

inute work stoppage on Thursday, emsaai

Commenti solidarity's new leadership committee ap-parently will try to revitalize and increase coordination of the union's efforts and will test further the regime's ability.to circumscribe its activities. Tha government will find It difficult to deal effectively with the strike planned for Thursday. The absence of on official response probably would encourage Solidarity to sponsor more demonstrations, while overreaction with force could lead to violence.




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