Created: 5/8/1982

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POLAND; More Demonstrations Planned

Strikes and demonstratione called for thio weekend and later ii the Tionth may lead to -ore violence.

activists are

circulating leaflets calling for demonstrations in Warsaw and other cities tomorrow, theay. Other leaflets callminute nationwide strike on Thursdayeneral strike onay. Party officials are working hard to prevent these demonstrations.

presence but nrostlynorma^nilitary activity in the Warsawroops <md increased numbers of tanks and vehicles in one garrison but suggested that the soldiers were engageday parade seemei

and Szczecin described the cities as "armedatrolled by police in riot gear and soldiers with bared bayonets. issajgeae

With the turnout at the demonstrations this weekarning, the regime is justifiablyabout popular response to Solidarity's calls for open opposition, and party and security officials will be under pressure to prevent demonstrations. The regime is likely to use force in dealing with the demonstrators, which could lead to clashes similar to those earlier this week in Warsaw and other cities.

Military activity elsewhere appears normal. The mill-tary is nonetheless prepared to respond quickly should the need arise, aSBBaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBSBBBBBM

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