Created: 5/5/1982

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POLAND: Continuing Tension

c the offing.

tLmjws between the police and dertonetratore may be in


the Military Council has selectively reimposed somelaw restrictions. Including the curfew in Warsaw and Szczecin.

Polish media continue to blame "antisocialist" groups and foreign subversion centers for inciting the youthful demonstrators. klszczak warned that thewould not alter their overall policies, and he indirectly prodded the Church to be more active indemonstrations, aamean

response so far has been low key. TASS attributed the unrest to "opponents of socialism" trying to regain "lostnd noted that the police took measurei

Commenti The nationwide scope of the demonstrationslear sign that Solidarity activists hovesome effective organizational lines,k

The uncompromising stand taken by hardliners and by reputed moderates in tho regime suggests that thewill continue to rely on coercion, which they evidently believe does not yet require the use of the military. The opposition probably will not retreat at this point to the passivity of past months, however, additional violence appears likely.


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