Created: 5/4/1982

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POLAND: Demonstrators Clash With Police

Hardliners in the regime will demand tougher meaeurea tofuture demomtratione,but greater wnvup'ra will lead to increased rcaietance. 9M

Police, using tear gas and clubs, yesterdayrowd00 youthful demonstrators in the most_violcnt clash, since the early days of martial law. SBBSBBBSBBSBBMssBBBaawitnessed several severe beatings. The authorities have reported incidents in Krakow, Gdansk, and elsewhere and have threatened to reinstitute the curfew, lifted on Sunday.

recentlyecline in

social discipline, including increased sabotage andactivity, falling attendance at party meetings, and increasedbelHgerence among some workers toward party members. ssBHsBBSaeatsBeVreflect new alarm about theamong some young people.

Commenti The recent deionstrations are clearoFthe increasing willingness of young Poles to challenge the regime openly. They suggest thatviolence may yet erupt. VBjes^

Solidarity activists probably hope that suchwill eventually force the regime to make They may exploit VB Day celebrations this weekend or use the beginning of the sixth month of martial Jaw onay to foment new agitation.

The control of demonstrations is more difficult for tho government because many are associated with Church events. Moderates in the regime are mindful that they need the calming influence of tho Church. Hardliners probablyougher position toward the Church, but that would only provoke more anger.

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