Created: 5/3/1982

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POLAND: Another Demonstration Planned

The regime probably uill try to prevent fho demonstration in Warsaw called for by Solidarity actioiets. Wt

Solidarity spokesmen called for svpporters toPoland's hlstorio Constitution Dav in_

estimates0 people, mostly young, participated in the demonstrations on Saturday against official Hay Day celebrations in Warsaw. Smaller demonstrations occurred in other cities, mammm*

Violence was averted on Saturday, partly bocause the crowds were intimidatedarge contingent of police and partly because both sides acted with relative restraintilitary Council warned yesterday, however, that it will firmly counteract violations of martial law with summary trials. Premier Jaruzelski recently toldGlemp that martial law might be in forceong time and that further relaxation would come only if the people showed less hostility.

Solidarity's clandestine radio was interruptedregime on Friday afterive-minuteSolidarity activists have promised anothersaideekly information program willSunday.

Comment: The demonstrations will lift the morale of opponents of martial law, and the abolition of the curfew and the reduction of other restrictions will facilitate their activity. Nevertheless, they are aware of the rigidity of the regime and the difficulty in achieving their demands. f

The antiregime marches will strengthen the resolve of the government to repress opposition because the authorities probably believe thnt..demonstrations on) encourage increased resistance.



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