Created: 4/29/1982

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POLAND: Problems With Youth

The concern of officiate of the PolishpoenbU violent reoiotanaa by PMieh youthoverdraw, but it does highlight tha almoet totalthe younger generation.

The officials reportedly beliove that young"exploding- and that there could be

outbreaks of violence. The party is so concerned about

ionm Wltn tnegeneration that ita Central Committee plenum in the neardiscuss the matter.

Martial law hit hardest at Poland's younqer The drive for reform by Solidarity and^ts^llies in student and agricultural circlesevolt led primarily by this generation against the inefficient and corrupt system created and tolerated by their elders, tf

Resistance activities nines the imposition of martial law generally have involved tha young. Rebellious acts by high school students have included the printing and distribution of leaflets and theformatlon of small and ineffective resistance groups. aBBBMesV

University students are moreroblem, and the authorities have moved cautiously to remove some popular and liberal rectors and professors. The regime'swas demonstrated earlier this week whan the military authorities had to threaten to close Warsaw University totrike. *faaanV

Commenti Although students have seemed increasingly willing to test the Unite of martial law, most realize the futility of protest and fear the brutality of the security services and tho loss of jobs. In the eventlash, thevprobably could not count on help from the workers. Vma.

The party, which hae little to offer young people and cannot meet either their economic or political to rely on the threat of force.

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