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POLAND-USSR: Political Gestures

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Meanwhile,enior Polish official has claimed that the USSR continues to support Premier Jaruzelski and believes that martial law will have to continue until civic discipline and the previous level of laborare restored. The official stated that Stefan Olszowski, leader of Poland's hardline Communists, was disappointed by Moscow's attitude. Olszowski had hoped that his popularity with some Soviet leaders and the Soviets' desire for an early return to civilian rule would improve his chances to succeed Jaruzelski.

Commentt Warsaw's planned steps are symbolicintended to encourage Western governments tosanctions and do noterious effort by the martial law authorities toomestic The senior leadership of Solidarity, including Lech Walesa, will not be released, and those union members who are will be subject to immediate arrest if they attempt any political activities. Although some isolatedon May Day are possible, the celebrations prob-will be tightly controlled and ignored by most Poles.


Soviet leaders evidently recognize the obstacles to restoring civilian rule, regardless of its ideological desirability. Their willingness to takeragmatic approach would reduce the likelihood of disagreement between the current Polish and Soviet leaderships.


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