Created: 4/5/1982

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POLAND) Shortages Hurting industry

Industry increasingly is plagued by shortages of Western materials and spare parts, and the partyis becoming concerned over possible worker reaction to perceived fear of reduced salaries and layoffs at affected plants. ational newspaper reported on Saturdayey plants will have to be virtually shut down end exports cut by one-half, unless additional raw materials promised by Warsaw's CEMA allies arrive soon, rorty percent ofanufacturing capacity reportedly already is idOebRcause of rawnd spare parts shortages. -IB

Comment; Shortages of industrial Inputs haverowing" economic problem for the regime- Theof the critical need for accelerated CEMA deliveries is probably intended to put pressure on Warsaw's allies to be more forthcoming, premier Jaruzelskixpected to seek additional help during his visit to Prague today but is unlikely to get much.

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