Created: 4/1/1982

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POLAND: Jaruzelski's Optimism

Pffiierciti appears ftnsrtCtu saiitfied uich the reaulteiaa Is JbAc QJvi cautiouaiy wftimsiia about tha future.


[commented that tne worst was over even though tough economic problems remain. He admitted thathad hit hard but added that Moscow would supply needed raw materials and that Western financial circles were "showing some interest" because of improved work discipline and increased production of coal and other raw materials. Jaruzelski also suggested that "subtle changes" in US thinkingealization that letting Poland go bankrupt would damage the entirefinancial system.

The Premier saidecent private government poll showedercont favored the Introduction of martial low. He noted, however, that this did not translate into support for the regime, and he did not rule out the possibility of the populace turning against the_if economic conditions worsened.

In addition, Jaruzelski said that the government was trying toational consensus, largely bynew life into parliament, and implicitly criticized the activities of the party-sponsored local Committees of National Salvation. The legislature meets toda^ .short notice for the second timeeek.

Comment; The Polish leader's comments strongly imply that he continues to look to the West for expanded economic relations. He apparently believes that Warsaw tl_F'9 on its side with regard to Western sanctions.

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