Created: 3/31/1982

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POLANDi coal Exports Increase

The partial recovery of Poland's coal industry under martial law has ted to increased exports to the Host. The impositionix-day workweek and strict discipline in the mines caused production in January and February to riseercent over thatear ago. Exports amountedillion tcr.s, more than triplemo period Harsaw's aggressive campaign to regain lost markets ie having some success, with Spain purchasing more Polish coal in January than in allnd Italy, France, and Belgium considering Increased poxoheses. 1

, Comment> Poland's reemergenceajor factor

coalot the expenserMayreflect Warsaw's willingnessattractive prices, it also cay stem from a

* I in western Europe to diversify sourcesarncurrency. The Poles probably

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