Created: 3/29/1982

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AST GERMANY; Visit by Jaruzelski

Premier Jaruzelski's visit today to East Germany is his first to an East European country since theof martial law. The East Germans hope to increase contacts with Polish party and government officials toetter understanding of Warsaw's intentions. They will emphasise their willingness to work with Jaruzelski, but will express unhappiness with Borne of Warsaw's including planshow trial for former party chxef Gierek. R,

Commenti Jaruzelski probably will seek more eoo-nomic aid beyond the bilateral trade agreement announced earlier this month. Bast Germany, whichersistent critic of Warsaw's temporizing before martial law, now may feel obliged to respond positively to the aid request. No major new grant Is likely, however, in part because of East Germany's own economic problems.

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