Created: 3/27/1982

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POLANDi Parliament Approves Bills

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The Polish parliament yesterday routinely approved legislation that postponed elections for local people's councilsstablished an advisory socioeconomic council, and setribunal that eventually will bring former party leader Cierek to trial. The parliament, however, did not amend the conetituttontprovisiontate of emergency. H

t solidarity's demands for free elections 'e oouncile was one of the political demands

that brought on martial law, and the regime apparently does not went to face elections until it can restore control. Solidarity also had demanded an independent council to motheck on the government, but the new council will have little room for maneuver. Passageonstitutional amendment creating the legal basistate of emergency would have allowed Premier Jaruzelski to end martial law while keeping much of the repressive apparatus in place. In failing to proposeill, Poland's military leaders demonstrated their inten^Lon to retain nolltlosl power for some time to



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